Ortodentika Medical Centre provides comprehensive medical, dental, and physical rehabilitation services. Thanks to the cooperation with highly specialised professionals in various medical specialties we can offer our Patients professional support to ensure good health, fitness and wellbeing.

The objective of out actions is the good of the Patient. Therefore, we provide support in a wide variety of medical problems including:

• Locomotor system problems
• Dermatological problems
• Gum and tooth disease
• Nervous system problems
• Endocrine disorders
• Cardiovascular problems

Thanks to the efforts of the team of our physicians and the auxiliary personnel it is possible both to diagnose the cause of the problem, plan and implement the treatment programme as well as, in some cases, to extend it by physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Ortodentika offers the expertise of a number of experienced medical practitioners (specialists in orthopaedics, endocrinology, surgeons and others), dentists and physiotherapists who can ensure the Patient satisfaction at every stage of recovery: beginning from the diagnosis through the consultation to the treatment and physiotherapy. Every patient is approached individually, therefore a lot of attention is being devoted to the selection of the methods of operation to ensure the objective as identified.
Realising that the Patients’ wellbeing depends not only upon their health, we extended the scope of our services by aesthetic medicine procedures , orthodontic or implantology procedures which can help make the dreams of a beautiful smile and young face appearance come true.

In our work we continue to develop and extend our knowledge, which stems from the willingness to provide the best services. Therefore, we are willing to include innovative procedures and technologies to our offer and each room is equipped with modern equipment and instruments. Our X-ray laboratory is equipped with modern equipment as well as doctor’s and dental surgeries and physiotherapy rooms or surgical rooms.

Trying to meet the Patients’ expectations and needs we created a friendly and comfortable place. It concerns not only the complexity and quality of medical services we have in our offer but also amenities such as the car park free of charge, aesthetic interiors, air conditioning or the Wi-Fi.